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Jiadalong Electronics will meet you with a new layout, rich connotation and strong visual impact. First of all, I would like to say hello to friends from all walks of life who visited and clicked on my website. Secondly, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to leaders at all levels who have long paid attention to and supported the company's development and colleagues from all walks of life! Sincere greetings to new and old customers!

Every stage of the company's development has condensed the hard work and wisdom of the hardworking Jiadalong Electronic Man. Because Jiadalong Electronics has a team of loyal employees who can bear hardships and fight in particular, it has created the miracles and glory of Jiadalong Electronics. With its good performance and excellent quality, the products have won the favor of users at home and abroad, its market share has expanded year by year, and its sales performance has risen year after year. Because Jiadalong Electronics has one of the most competitive technical management teams, it has enabled enterprises to achieve super-conventional and leap-forward development. From traditional imitation manufacturing to independent innovation, Jiadalong Electronics has stepped across an era and became The leader in this industry.

Xingqi takes science and technology as the first step, and innovation keeps pace with the world! Jiadalong Electronics will strengthen the enterprise's independent innovation awareness, expand the influence of Jiadalong Electronics brand at home and abroad and the competitiveness of the international market, and continue to accelerate the process of enterprise implementation of brand strategy. With perseverance and courageous fighting spirit, with full enthusiasm and high fighting spirit, in the fierce market competition, we are proud of the heroes, and in the planning, we will win a thousand miles away.

During this period, in the face of an increasingly open market environment, hope and difficulty are intertwined, and opportunities and challenges coexist. It is the fighting spirit of unity and hard work that has cultivated the courage of the Jiadalong people to fear market risks. In business cooperation, we prudently abide by our credibility and earnestly win the market. Here, I hope that after browsing the website, you will provide valuable opinions on our work, our products and our services. Your opinions will serve as a guide for Haupu ’s actions and spiritual motivation to overcome the difficulties and difficulties in our progress and win. A brighter and more brilliant tomorrow in the market economy wave!

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